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    Default HELP - want to insulate roof rafters in attic

    We want to insulate the roof rafters in our attic that has heat/ac ducts in it. I keep reading and reading and so many opinions, but which to go with. Our home a 1926 Sears & Roebuck, the roof sheeting is gonna say 1" x 6" boards with minor gaps, with 3/4" perlins and then a metal roof.

    I noticed this summer the ducts were sweating - not good.

    So I am asking where do we start - have ideas - Durovent ventalation channels and then insulation. Are we started down the right path...

    please help us


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    Default Re: HELP - want to insulate roof rafters in attic

    You should start by having all your Ductwork Taped, Sealed and, insulated. That will take care of the sweating. Good Luck!!!

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