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    Default Placement of refridgerator

    In thinking about where to locate our kitchen refridgerator, rather large for the size of the room, the best location appears to be in a corner in front of baseboard heating -- about 4 feet of length out of a total length of 14 1/2 feet along the exterior walls. My question is: Would placing the refrigerator there seriously impair the operation of the baseboard heater behind it or impair the operation or lifespan of the fridgerator ? Would putting a reflective heat shield behind the fridge to protect it be a good idea?

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    Default Re: Placement of refridgerator

    If the baseboard where the fridge sits can be removed or disconnected, that would be the best. Leaving it operational won't impair the operation of the heater, but it will make your refrigerator less efficient because it will have to run longer to dissipate the heat it extracts from the interior. This will probably shorten the lifespan of the refrigerator and raise your utility bills.
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    Default Re: Placement of refridgerator


    Some people remove the front covers of the baseboard & stuff pink insulation around the aluminum fins to offset the heat produced in that corner section by the baseboards---another option is to wrap some aluminum foil around the fins.

    When the covers are put back on the insulation or foil is invisible.
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