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    Default Circulator Speed question?

    My 4 circulators/Biasi/oil/hot water baseboard can move the water through the pipes in a low, medium and high setting. From a low setting to the high setting,does the speed/flow in any way effect the amount of oil consumed. I would think that the higher flow would produce the most heat...? but I am wondering about the oil usuage? Thanks, Bill

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    Default Re: Circulator Speed question?

    I suppose it's possible, but I can't see how a change in pump speed would burn more oil---I can see a slightly higher electric bill, but home heating equipment pumps have a low wattage, mostly under 100 watts.

    Other things are involved in the heating cycle besides the circ---as long as the t-stat is "calling for heat" the boiler will continue to heat the boiler water up to 180-190 degrees to reach "high limit", at which time the burner will shut off, but the circ will keep pumping the hot water until it cools down to 160 degrees---this cycle will continue until the room t-stat is satisfied, opens its contacts & shuts down the heating cycle--even then, the circ will usually continue pumping for several minutes until the water cools down again to 160.

    Most mfgrs recommend the lowest setting for the pump that will still provide comfortable heat---this avoids "pipe flow noise" & saves electricity.

    Oil savings can best be obtained by having adequate insulation in exterior walls & attic, an annual boiler cleaning that also changes the nozzle & filters, & having the tech adjust the burner flame using a combustion analyzer.

    Many annual cleaning techs rely on "eyeball" setting of the burner flame which often ends up adjusting to a rich flame, which DOES burn more oil than necessary.
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