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    I would like to change my old thermostat with a programmable one. I have a oil heat hot water system. My thermostat has 2 wires 1 black and 1 white. Which thermostat should I buy for my heating system I live in the northeast and my home was built in 1939. I any more info is need I will get it, Thanks for the help.

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    It's best to get the model # and make of the boiler & contact the mfgr via their website which usually has an 800 number or e-mail access.

    If you want a programmable t-stat to reset temps overnight or when you are at work, then you might realize some fuel savings.

    If you have zone valves in your system, be careful---the new t-stat has to be compatible with the electrical values (heat anticipator/amp rating) of the zone valves, or be able to set them automatically.

    Can you explain why you want a new t-stat????---are you having problems with your heating system or t-stat?---many times the t-stat gets blamed for heating problems elsewhere in the system.

    Remember, a t-stat is merely an on/off switch that turns the heat on or turns the heat off, or increases or lowers heat----most people can get by very well with a manual t-stat in most situations.
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    You did not mention if your stat is low voltage (24 vac) or line voltage (120 vac).
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