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    I just removed acoustical tiles from the ceiling of our 100+ year old house and found tin ceilings underneath! Nailed to the ceiling are 3/4 x 2 1/2" boards to which the acoustical tiles were stapled. How do I remove these boards without causing more damage to the tin? How do I repair the nail holes in the tin? I'll also have to strip the paint - My husband thinks it's not worth the effort but I love the look of the tin. Please help!

    Thank you, Lena

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    go to home depot or lowes and buy a cat claw nail remover, you hammer it into the wood sideways onto the nail head and remove all the nails. if you are painting the tin you can just fill the nail holes with spackle.

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    I agree with cjsand, catspaw nail puller most all damage will be to the furring strips. Once the furring strips are removed lightly peen the holes in the tine with a hammer to close them as much as possible before filling.
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    sounds like there is paint on the tin as well and you want to remove it?

    Wondering how much damage is behind the strapping. I assume the strapping is over the tin. I would think it would have collapsed any decorative areas, but maybe not.

    I suppose stripping will be a big job...and filling the holes, well, not sure. All I can think about is filling the holes with solder. Not sure how that will they make solder made of tin ? I have no clue. Maybe they make something to fill holes in tin. I wouldn't be surprised.

    I would price out new tin panels before going thru all the pain. It might not cost all that much to replace with new tin.... of course not sure you can get the same quality that might be on your older home. I assume you can. It's only money, right?

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