After all the re-search, quotes, forums...etc.I'm thinking I might just take a chance with this IF and When this exsisting Burnham dies (who knows when that might be BUT I want to be ready with a plan) I like Burnham and this unit I have has served me reason not to stick with them I figure....I know this realtivly NEW ES2 has not been out long so will be interesting to watch it's performance and acceptance in the HVAC community and forums....but some of things I like about this unit after talking with the Burnham the Cast Iron Block (new design) using the existing masonary chimney (re-lined with stainless of course, a requirement for this unit)...and the BOOST function when using the outdoor re-set (284$ option) available for this unit (for quicker recovery times from set-back temps with my exsisiting baseboard convectors, michigan winters and marginal cieling insulation I can't change at this time (without re-roofing). I will be further re-searching the ES2 and would appreciate hearing form anyone that might be using it.
Thanks again to all at TOH forums for your help , links and input...I really appreciate it.
Regards, Bigdog