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    Default exterior paint mold

    Has anyone else had problems with Sherwin Williams Duration exterior paint molding, flaking after only 2-3 years? The north side of house is fine, the sunny side, painted a year later, is awful!

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    Have one of S&W's reps come out and look at it. They should have the answer. Most any S&W store have reps,there all happy to help out the customer. It makes no difference if your a contractor or homeowner as long as you used there product.

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    Default Re: exterior paint mold

    These kinds of things are rarely the paints' fault...

    It's usually a prep (or LACK of prep) problem, moisture out-migrating through siding, not priming when it should've been done, dirty siding, not testing a wood siding for moisture......and on & on....

    Usually the sunny side has peeling first!
    The sun warms surfaces, and moisture naturally wants to exit to a warm surface, thereby pushing-off poorly adhered coatings.

    The quality of a home's insulation can be part of this issue.

    Sometimes "hack" painters thin out a coating waaay too much...

    There's a thousand variables here...some of them invisible!
    >>> Are there any details about the siding/insulation/prep that you can find out??


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    start with srubbing this wall with a scrub brush and a bucket of water , bleach, and TSP, rinse. If you still don't like it repaint. this time use a mold retardant in the paint. Don't paint when the sun is on the wall, it drys to fast before the paint can soak in and make a bond.Barb

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