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Thread: garage door gap

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    My garage door when fully closed has a gap approx. 1/4 - 1/2 in on one side. I recently replaced the weather-striping and the gap is still there. I adjusted the springs on the door. The gap will disappear but only after the springs are adjusted to the point where the door will no longer lift. The best adjustment I can get is the small gap on one side. Any advise on where to start, the door mechanism itself or the slab?

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    They sell oversize weather stripping for some doors. Try searching the internet for a garage door company that supplies many different sizes of weather stripping.
    Try these guys


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    If this is an 8 ft. door, you have to temporarily remove the weatherstripping/rubber/neoprene door gasket & cut a piece of 2 X 4 the LONG WAY starting at one end, draw a line all the way along the 2 X 4 from zero on one end to 1/2 inch or 3/4" on the other & use a circular saw to cut this long wedge.

    Attach it to the door with rust-proof 1" deck screws or equivalent with the thick end of the wedge on the side with the gap, so as to compensate for the gap space.

    Then re-attach the weatherstripping/neophrene/rubber gasket on the bottom.

    Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when making this cut with a circular saw--use saw horses & clamp the 2 X 4 to the saw horse with wood or metal clamps---keep fingers away from the blade.

    A table saw is much easier & safer to use for this cut.
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