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    I am looking to purchase a home in the very near future. I have been told that solid concrete is the preferred foundation. Some of what I am looking at have concrete block. What are the pros and cons of this method verses solid concrete? When I go into the home what should I be looking for... or looking out for? The latest is a cape with garage under built in 1966. Thanks to all for any advise.

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    Howdy. Both cement stem walls an block walls are good foundation wall choices. You needing to explore issues with moisture intrusion into basements and or crawlspaces. Most important is in finished or planning to finish basements.
    Both types can allow water to enter the basement under the right to leak wrong to keep the space dry conditions. So when shopping homes look at the lots drainage- does it drain away from the home? are there rain gutters and down spouts that again drain away from the home. Look at the basement walls for signs of moisture, cracking ,white powder- effervescence- better yet have a structural enginer do a home inspection prior to purchase an be sure the enginer stamps it...
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    It depends on a few factors:

    - The area. Look at other homes of the area to determine which type of footing and foundation is the most popular.

    - Zone. Is the house in a flood zone?

    - Ask your insurance company. Insurance companies collect tons of information about everything.

    - Inspection. Don't buy a house without an inspection.

    I have homes on crawl spaces and on slabs in the same general flood free area, and to me they are about equal.

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    When you are going to buy a home so you should to have a good knowledge about that home.
    First inspect about that home and then the most important thing is area and all the facilities available there.
    Concrete or cement foundation both are strong. You just consider the home design and material quality. These are the important things.

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