We live in Atlanta and just had a new roof of arch. shingles installed. We agreed to the installation of an aluminum drip edge on the advice of the roofer. The drip edge is nailed to the decking under the shingles just above the fascia board and appears to be installed properly. It hangs down and covers approx. 1-1/2 to 2 in. of the fascia, which is 1 x 6 boards.

Here's our problem. We contracted to have new seamless gutters installed. It is my understanding that the back side of the gutter should be positioned between the fascia board and the drip edge such that the drip edge overlaps into the gutter. If this is the case, then how is the gutter attached to the fascia without nailing or screwing through the aluminum of the drip edge? When I questioned the roofing co. salesman, he suggested 3 options: 1. Place the gutter on top of the drip edge and screw both to the fascia; 2. Place the gutter behind the drip edge and screw both to the fascia; or 3. Screw the gutter to the fascia BELOW the drip edge. Each of these suggestions appears to negate the purpose of the drip edge, which is to prevent water from splashing against the plywood decking. Is it possible that the drip edge has sufficient elasticity that when turned upward the gutter can be screwed/nailed directly to the fascia and then dropped back into place over the back side of the gutter without damaging it?

I am seriously concerned about the recommendations. Any suggestions/explanations/comments would be greatly appreciated. I want to be sure that the correct method is used to install our new gutters. Thank you in advance. Hope to hear from you soon.