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    Default gravel drive, Need updating advice

    We bought a house in Arden, NC. The drive is uneven and gravel. Is concrete the best choice over asphalt?

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    Default Re: gravel drive, Need updating advice

    Personally I prefer gravel. Never cracks or bubbles up asphalt oil. Run down it once in a while with a box blade and it looks brand new.
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    Default Re: gravel drive, Need updating advice

    Concrete is much longer lasting over asphalt but is more labor intensive so will cost more. I worked part time for an small asphalt contractor in the past and just had our parking lot of our apartment building repaved with asphalt. The contractor(In business for 100 years plus) ripped out the old asphalt in one day and then repaved the next day. One year later it looks great. Asphalt will take more maintenance but you have to be the judge of what you want and what to spend.

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    Smile Re: gravel drive, Need updating advice

    I, like one of the other posters, would recommend some type of gravel. Instead of regular gravel, use crushed granite, if available in your area. Just level you existing driveway with a blade, then spread the crushed granite. The crushed granite will pack as hard as concrete, and will not move around like regular gravel. Periodically, you will just have to level it, dragging something behind your lawnmower. I have used crushed granite for many years, and rain will not wash it away, and it keeps getting harder, the more you drive on it. Besides, it looks nice, too.

    Good luck.

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