We have a large family room with a cathedral ceiling, complete with a lofted area above (too small and open to be considered a bedroom). The room and loft are part of an addition that was mad to the house (not by us), and made very cheaply. The original part of the house was built in 1949 with hardwoods and all that old house charm. The addition, however, is all laminate floors and berber carpet.

Since we have no use for this big empty space (there is a seperate family room/living room in the original part of the house), we are considering stripping the addition and possibly even removing the lofted are as we are not sure what to use it for and hate the spiral staircase that you have to use to get to it. I guess my dilema is: is it worth it to try and save the addition by stripping it down and lowering the ceiling height, possibly converting it into two extra bedrooms? Or would it be better to demo the entire addition and build from the foundation up? The roof over that part of the house is also in need of repair.

We are new to all of this, and have only done cosmetic repairs thus far, so any advice would be helpful. We do have a contractor we trust to work with.