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    Default Oil tank rusted out and boiler is ancient - need new system

    I live in a 1900 Victorian house in Salem, MA. The oil tank for the first floor is rusted out and the boiler is old and could go at any time. I am thinking that I would like to replace the existing system with a forced air heat pump that heats and cools. The area that will be heated and cooled by this new system is approximately 1000 ft. There is a basement right below me. I need to know what is the best type and brand to buy for the New England weather. Also, I want to replace one that is environmentally better and one that is energy sufficient. It may be too expensive to get a heat pump and have it installed. I am in a jam because it must be replaced before winter. PLEASE HELP. pat:
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    Default Re: Oil tank rusted out and boiler is ancient - need new system

    The Carrier Infinity is something that you might want to look at along with Trane. They are both real good Systems, I myself would go with the Carrier Infinity if I were to put a heat pump in my house. You should still have a gas or oil furnace for the colder days and Carrier carries both, follow this link and check out the Heat Pump Reviews, Good Luck!!!

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