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    Question Humidity ruining my floor sanding job?

    A little background... I successfully sanded down and poly'd the floor in my bedroom about 6 months ago. I decided to do most of the rest of my main floor. I took a 3 weekend approach, 1st to tear out the carpet and floor vinyl, 2nd to sand and 3rd to put the poly on. We sanded last weekend and the floors looked really good. For a house that's 100 years old, they showed the appropriate amount of character. Trouble is, after 3 days all the spots that were realatively light are getting darker by the day. My widows are all open and we're having some really humid weather. Have I ruined my sanding job? Am I going to need to sand again? Or if I close up my house and turn my air back on will that pull out the moisture? Any suggestions would be great. I can post pictures if you'd like... Thanks very much!


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    Default Re: Humidity ruining my floor sanding job?

    Pictures, please...... if you would.

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