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Thread: Stink in the AC

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    Default Stink in the AC

    OK, not much need for AC much longer, but I need help ID'ing a problem. When I've had my AC on all summer, it smells musty, a little more so than it did last year.

    Also it's mysteriously worse at some times than others, and distinctively worse in some rooms than others (more upstairs than down.) I've had the vents cleaned out in the spring, and the scent still exists. Any advice on how to rectify?



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    Default Re: Stink in the AC

    When was the last time you had your System Maintainenced? Your Evap. coil may need a real good cleaning if it hasn't been done in a while, or the primary drain pan might have that scum built up in it and it may need a good cleaning also. Do you have an Air Handler or an Evap. Coil with your furnace. If you have a coil with your Furnace you should get it done soon, like when you have your Heat PM done. If you have an Air Handler you should have it done next Spring before you use it. Good Luck!!!

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