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    Question Vinyl Tile Cement Basement Floor

    I would like to install vinyl tile flooring in the "unfinished" part of my basement over the cement floor. Our basement is dry, but we did have water come up once a few years ago through the drain during a heavy rain. The floor has been previously painted and the paint is off in some places. Do I need to prep the floor first and can I stick the tiles directly on the floor or should I use another type of adhesive? All of the references to installing vinyl tile don't seem to address this situation. Also, do you recommend a finish to the edge against the basement wall with anything? THANKS!!

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    The floor needs to be stable or the tile won't stay stuck down. Glue on top of loose paint is only as strong as the loose paint. A small amount of water for a very short period of time won't likely damage the flooring, or rather, the adhesive. A lot of water, prolonged flood periods, and frequent flooding will have those tiles up in no time.
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