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    Default Sudden increase in water pressure

    We have a well and not city water. Always was a little low on pressure but thismorning we got up and the water prssure dramaticlly increased. We can tell it in our toilet, shower, sinks and water dispenser.

    What would cause this?

    Should I worry?

    We have a well coming into our house with a pressure tank(not sure of correct name) and nothing was recently worked on or replaced. No great rain storms either, just cool damp fall Wisconsin weather.

    THanks for any help.


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    Default Re: Sudden increase in water pressure

    One possibility is dirt or mineral deposit build up in the tube the pressure switch is mounted on. Do you have a pressure gage to confirm that the pressure has actually gone up?
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    Default Re: Sudden increase in water pressure

    With wells it's easy to get variations in water pressure. You might check to make sure that the pressure switch on your pressure tank is still good (always a good idea to have a spare on hand anyways). Sounds to me like that's the best possibility.

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