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    Default Wash Machine Hot/Cold Water Mix...

    A newer washing machine.

    Pressure from hot and cold supply lines are both strong. However, to utilize the machine's warm water setting for washing I can only open the valve for the cold water a tiny tiny smidgen in order to have a warm mix flowing into the machine. Open the valve any more and it's no longer warm water's cold.

    The problem is the rinse cycle only uses cold water and with such a low flow coming from the cold supply line it takes forever for the water level to rise high enough to kick the machine into the rinse cycle.

    I've checked the filter screen on the machine's cold intake (the threaded nipple, or whatever it's called) and there's no obstruction.

    Any suggestions on how I can get a stronger cold flow going that will still allow a mix with the hot flow to obtain warm temp. for the wash cycle?

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    Default Re: Wash Machine Hot/Cold Water Mix...

    Yep .... a couple years back a good friend purchased a new washer .... might even be an Energy star ( not 100% sure ) ..... anyway ...... they noticed the warm cycle was less than expected. Seems the manufacturer decides what temperature the warm water will be so it can claim it uses less energy ....... by using less hot water.

    In other words there isn't much you can do other than calling the manufacturer to see if there is a way of changing the water temperature mix.
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