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    Default wiring diagram for ventalition fan,lightandheater

    Just purchased a new ventalition fan,light and heater. Would like a wiring diagram from the switch to the fixture.

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    Default Re: wiring diagram for ventalition fan,lightandheater

    do ya want the fan and light on seperate switches?? is the heater part of the fan as well, or is it a seperate wall heater??

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    Default Re: wiring diagram for ventalition fan,lightandheater

    Theres a diagram in the box, in fact I beleive it shows you multiple options. Generally you need a 4 conductor with ground
    (black red blue white and green or bare) note alot of these units require a dedicated circuit some even require a dedicated 20 amp circuit which would require 12 awg.

    as far as the switch goes most offer a custom switch that offers all 3 functions on 1 yoke of a device, however I generally prefer putting the heater on a dial timer. Also I recomment mounting it in a metal box, simply because its almost impossable to meet the single gang wire fill requirements when you use 12 awg in a single gang with the optional single yoke combination switch.

    because of the temperatures involved, the possability that you may need to upgrade the entire circuit, and the location (bathroom) IMO this one is just out of reach for most DIYers. Before you start be certain of the ratings for both the circuit required and what is existing, as well as wire size, mounting clearances from combustable materials, venting, and wire fill requirements.
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