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    Default Cast iron vs steel enamel finish

    I am remodeling my bathroom. I am trying to decide between a cast iron tub and steel tub. I know the pros and cons between the two as far as weight and heat retention and the fact that the enamel is thicker on the cast iron. The question I can't seam to get answered is the surface durability. Is the finish on the cast iron and steel the same process or is the actual surface of the cast iron more durable? Is one more scratch resistant than the other? I want the tub that will maintain the finish the longest. It will be used very little as a tub and more as a shower.

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    Default Re: Cast iron vs steel enamel finish

    The enamel is of equal strength however a steel tub can chip easier when things are dropped as steel gives a little and iron does not.

    All things being equal we have had both in our apartments but the iron stands up to the roughest treatment; something you may not need to worry about at home as much.

    Still I'd rather move a steel tube then an iron one.

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    Default Re: Cast iron vs steel enamel finish

    As Ron said, the finish is the same, what makes the cast more durable is that it expands and contracts at about the same rate as the enamel. When dropping things, it doesn't deflect, less chance of dings and chips. Steel tubs expand and contract faster than the enamel which can cause bubbles and chipping, it also deflects when you drop something, which will cause it to release the enamel at point of impact.
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