My wife and I are replacing the floors in our cottage. The floors were rotted and so were many of the joists and supports. I was assuming that the joists were 2x6, but finally measured them the other day and they are 1.5x5, instead of 1.5x5.5! Is there something like a 2x5 lumber? Can this be bought somewhere, or should we try to replace with standard 2x6?

There were two layers of floor: One of diagonal board 3/4 thick, and on top plywood 1/2 thick. The problem is that if we have to replace with 2x6 we have to jack up all the walls and cut out the remnants of floor from under the walls to get the 2x6 to fit between the cinderblock supports and the wall. If we can find 2x5 lumber it would save a lot of work. Some of the 2x5 were sistered not so long ago apparently, as some of them are pressure-treated and still look in ok shape. Would be a shame to have to get rid of them all.

Thanks! Pete