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    When I was in a hurry and scrubbing the tile floor about a month ago, I accidentally left my fingernail sized brush in the bucket of water that I dumped into the toilet. I flushed it once and then remembered. It is a little used bathroom so I put a note on the toilet not to use, now I'm thinking I'd better do something about it. I have no indication that it didn't go down...but someone told me that even if it gets past the toilet it can cause more problems later down the I'm afraid to flush it again. What should I do?

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    Sometimes you can dislodge objects with a toilet whip, which is just a short auger, I've never had any luck with them though. I would pull the toilet and turn it upside down and back flush it with a garden hose which should push out anything caught in the toilet neck. If the toilet is clear, then the brush went on down the drain. Unfortunately, there is now not much you can do but hope that it flushed all the way out to the sewer. If it's hung up somewhere within the house, there will be no way to tell until you have a problem. If you're really concerned about it still being in the line, hire a plumber to scope the drain.

    When resetting the toilet, make sure the base of the toilet and floor flange are completely clean of the old ring or grimy build up. Install a new ring, and if necessary new hold down bolts. Gently set the toilet in place on the ring, aligning it properly, and gently shimmy the toilet until it settles all the way down to the floor. Don't over tighten the hold down bolts, you can damage the toilet if you do.
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