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    Default Can't Get Channel 3


    I have an old TV with a converter box. This means I have a TV clicker that turns on the TV and gets me to channel 3. Then I have a converter box clicker that changes the channels. I recently dropped the TV clicker and it stopped working, so I bought a new "universal" one. The new TV clicker works, but it will not get me to Channel 3, and if I can't get to Channel 3 it's all fuzz. I've tried the converter box clicker but that doesn't get me to Channel 3 either. Any advice appreciated.

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    Default Re: Can't Get Channel 3

    Try turning the converter off and then change to channel 3 on the tv.

    Not so sure your universal remote will work with a converter and tv.

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    Default Re: Can't Get Channel 3

    Turn the TV on and use the manual up/down button on the TV to get to channel 3. As long as you don't change channels it should stay there.

    By the way just because the on/off works on the universal doesn't mean you have it programed properly for your model TV and you will still need the remote for the converter.
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    Can it get you to channel 4? If it can, then push the little switch on the back of the converter box to ch4. If not, you will need to try another code for your brand of TV in the universal remote or use the manual channel up or down button on the TV.

    If your TV has aux in with composite video and left and right audio, use the aux on the tv and the cable set for composite video. That will get you a clearer picture than using ch 3 or 4

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