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    Default Need to cool my son's room inna hurry , but i have no skills at all!!!

    we live in a double wide mobile home, we have a large window unit in the front of the mobile that pretty much keeps the front half cool,and then we have a smaller unit in the master bedroom , my problem is , i need to know how to get the cool air in my sons room in the front half of the mobile, his room is steaming hot, i need to do this as soon as possible, he will under go a major surgery after he see's his orthapetic doctor the 13th
    please if you can help me with this i thought about cutting a hole in the upper wall in the family room and putting a set of window fans in the hole .to draw the cool from in there into my sons room.. stupid idea or what??:'confused: CANT REALLY PUT ANOTHER WALL UNIT IN HIS ROOM THERES NO WAY , BESIDES THE ELE HAS BEEN RUNNING 500. 00 + MONTHLY SO.....
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    Default Re: Need to cool my son's room inna hurry , but i have no skills at all!!!

    Cut a hole near the bottom of the wall and install a fan, cool air is heavier than hot air so will be near the floor. Then cut a vent near the top of the wall for the hot air to escape. In the winter put the fan in the top hole to get more heat to his room.

    The other possibility is to get a portable A/C unit. You would only need to cut a 4" hole in the outside wall of his bed room.

    I hope he does well.
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