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    Default Driveway & Patio

    I currently have an existing concrete patio and driveway that has been thier for about 20 years. It has a lot of cracks and pits where you can see the aggregate. I don't want to completely demo and pour another, becasue it will be too costly. How can I repair my existing driveway and patio. I did a lot of exterior improvements to the house and now the driveway and patio are an eye sore. Please help.

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    Taking out the old concrete and pouring a completely new slab would be the absolutely best way, but the most expensive way too.

    If the slabs aren't cracked and shifting, you could have a 1-1/2 to 2" topping, poured over the top. The old slabs would have to be prepared, using muriatic acid to etch it is a good way, before pouring the new concrete.

    Good Luck.

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