In preparation for celebrating the 100th birthday of our Seattle Craftsman home - we have spent the past 3 years slowly rejuvenating it to it's original charm and lustre. One above-and-beyond item that we are considering is the addition of a wood burning fireplace to the living room. There is not a chimney in the location that we would like to install it but it is fortunately an exterior wall. The trouble comes in that this ideal spot has a single pane static (does not open) window located directly above where the fireplace would go (the window is above the the height of what would be the top of the proposed fireplace mantle) but it would be completely blocked by a brick chimney. Mostly the fireplace would be used for decoration and ambiance in our home but energy efficiency is important so if it can heat the house a little bit - then all the better. With all that said - here is the question - is there a good energy efficient option for installing a wood log burning fireplace (not interested in gas) into an exterior wall without having to install a masonry chimney also?