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    Default Need advise......Travertine/Marble Floors

    My husband and I are giving serious consideration to using travertine and/or marble as a flooring material in an upcoming remodeling project (kitchen, living room, bathroom).
    Will they both perform equally? How about stain resistance, durability and care?
    Any feedback on this?
    Need advise!

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    Default Re: Need advise......Travertine/Marble Floors

    travertine and marble are related stones. they are about equal in hardness as well as stainability. marble has long been used for floors, centuries. I prefer marble for various reasons, one is that you have a greater variety with marble but the most important is that travertine is full of holes, so when you are looking at travertine most of the color that you see is actually a filler that is used to fill the voids. this filler does come out from time to time and needs to be refilled with either an epoxy or a non sanded grout.

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