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    Default How To Transition Uneven Ceiling?


    We are remodeling a 1920 bungalow in New Jersey. We removed the horse-hair plaster wall separating the living/dining room from the kitchen. We love the openness to the kitchen now, but there is a problem with the transition of the living/dining ceiling to the kitchen ceiling.

    The previous owner put drywall right over the plaster kitchen ceiling, and the drywall hangs down a good half-inch lower than the living/dining ceiling. We simply cannot patch the gap left where the wall once existed between the living/dining room and kitchen because the transition would look awful with the difference in ceiling heights.

    Our contractor wants to build what he calls a "header" down from the ceilings to cover the transition between the 2 rooms. The header would be come down about 5 to 6 inches and be covered with drywall. When it comes time to install the crown molding, we go over the header around the living/dining room, and the kitchen would be crown molded separately.

    This is not my ideal solution because I would like one long run of crown molding from the living/dining to the kitchen -- like one big room.

    We could remove the drywall and plaster covering the kitchen ceiling, but this would be a big mess and expense.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    Default Re: How To Transition Uneven Ceiling?

    How about just applying "drywall to the living room ceiling right to the drywall in the kitchen.
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    Default Re: How To Transition Uneven Ceiling?

    Basically, the two ceilings are either in the same plane...or they're not. If they aren't, then the crown molding can't run across without a crook or offset in it.

    Jack's notion is one way and perhaps the best under the circumstances.

    Another option would be to apply a border of 1/2" drywall (or another material) around the perimeter of the living room ceiling to bring that area into plane with the kitchen ceiling. 6" wide, 8" or 12"......your call. It would add another visual feature to the living room ceiling and allow the continuous run of crown molding linking the two rooms.
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    Default Re: How To Transition Uneven Ceiling?

    ****ie's idea is a great one. An interior designer had me install a crown and then 12" in on the ceiling a clover leaf trim. Each was a slightly different shade of paint (greens, picking up the print in the wallpaper ). The finished product produced a coffered effect and was quite dramatic. Using ****ie's suggestion of the 1/2" drywall would produce the same results, though I would also include a molding along the edge as well.

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