We are remodeling a 1920 bungalow in New Jersey. We removed the horse-hair plaster wall separating the living/dining room from the kitchen. We love the openness to the kitchen now, but there is a problem with the transition of the living/dining ceiling to the kitchen ceiling.

The previous owner put drywall right over the plaster kitchen ceiling, and the drywall hangs down a good half-inch lower than the living/dining ceiling. We simply cannot patch the gap left where the wall once existed between the living/dining room and kitchen because the transition would look awful with the difference in ceiling heights.

Our contractor wants to build what he calls a "header" down from the ceilings to cover the transition between the 2 rooms. The header would be come down about 5 to 6 inches and be covered with drywall. When it comes time to install the crown molding, we go over the header around the living/dining room, and the kitchen would be crown molded separately.

This is not my ideal solution because I would like one long run of crown molding from the living/dining to the kitchen -- like one big room.

We could remove the drywall and plaster covering the kitchen ceiling, but this would be a big mess and expense.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?