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    We recently bought a farm with acreage with a manufactured house on it...We have two bathrooms, the water in both the bath tub and the shower, in both bath rooms do not drain all the way, you can see water when you look down the drain. It is also causing some bugs to appear (little bugs like no-see-ums). We have a septic that it drains into but there is not a big slope. What is causing this problem and how do we fix it?

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    You should see water when you look down the drain. This is the water contained in the trap which is there to prevent septic/sewer gas from entering. This is not indicative that anything is wrong, rather the opposite.

    Most septic systems can be installed on perfectly level ground.

    BTW, if this is your first septic system and you don't know when it was last pumped, I'd suggest you call around to the local septic pumping services to find out who last pumped this tank and when........or just have someone come pump it. It will require periodic pumping. How often depends upon the size of the septic tank and how many people are using it. Failure to pump in a timely manner will drastically shorten the life expectancy of the drainfields.

    To kill insects in the room/house....use insect killer.
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