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    Default log home crawl space

    We just bought a 1840's log home here in Richmond Ontario. The question that I have is in regards to the crawl space, I think that using that do-it-yourself spray foam is the way to go but has anyone here used it before? How was it?

    As well has anyone had this same typo of situation with their crawl space? should I insulate the underside of the floor or insulate the outside walls?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: log home crawl space

    Can't comment on self applying foam in the situation your describing.

    As for whether to insulate the floor or the crawl space walls depends ... you definitely should do the underside of the floor regardless.
    If the crawl space is open or vented then insulating the walls won't have much effect since this would be a cold zone anyway.

    If it's closed off then insulate the walls also the ground. You could lay plastic on the ground then lay sheets of rigid foam down. What ever method don't use fiber glass bats because rodents love to nest in it.


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