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    We are restoring a house in Louisiana built in 1924. The walls are constructed of what seems to be heart pine and it is shiplapped. The walls were covered with wall paper lined with cheesecloth. We have torn down all the wallpaper (which was the original). We now have bare walls. We don't want to sheetrock these walls. We are looking for something to line the walls with and possibly put a heavy weight paintable wallpaper up. We had the house inspected and was told that the house is built out of cypress and heart pine. It is structurally sound and in the inspectors own words "a rare find". Any suggestions for the walls??

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    if you aren't willing to sheetrock then you will probably want to explore different types of wood, either panels or boards. Boards would be very expensive and more time consuming. You could try 3/8" plywood. Since you are covering it anyway the 4x8 sheets would be the faster way to cover. I'm not sure how well the paper would adhere though. You should try a sample to test the adhesion.

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