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    The house that my wife and I just bought has a fan in the ceiling that pulls air out of the house and blows it out through the attic. The problem is that when this fan is on (it's pretty powerful) a rotten egg smell definitely comes from the bathroom. Is it pulling air from the shower drain? The smell is not there otherwise, only when the attic fan is on.

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    I think I got it. After reading several other post on here about clogged drains I got to thinking that the water in my tub drains pretty slow also. I don't have the grate style drain, I have the style that pops up and down the stop or drain water. I pulled the round top off to look down the drain.

    ***! That was some nasty stuff. I hit it with clorox before I would even stick a gloved hand down in there. After I pulled out as much hairy goop as I could with my fingers, I got a pair of needlenosed pliers and got the rest. A little clorox and water down the drain and it no longer stinks.

    Now, if I can get someone to tell me what that rattling sound in my air handler is.

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    How are you providing for make-up air when you turn this fan on? Windows or doors open?

    Without sufficient make-up air you'd be creating substantial negative air pressure inside the house. That could/would pull air/gas up thru the traps or anywhere it could get it.

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