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    Question Can I paint Aluminum windows ?

    Our house is a 1974 Ranch style with aluminum storms and screens over wood frames. It still has the original aluminum siding as well. I removed the storms one by one and painted the bulk of the wood under them. Now the old aluminum frames look tacky ... I gave thought to painting the frames to dress them up a bit. I slobbered a bit of paint on a few spots of the aluminum (Final coat after replacing the frames), it seems to be adhering pretty good for now. However, I don't want to take the time to paint all the aluminum if it will fail prematurely.
    I took a painting apprenticeship years back and it seems I remember that a surface such as aluminum needs to be "acid etched" for paint to properly adhere.
    The paint I am using is McCloskey's House and Trim with primer in the paint ??? Don't have the can in front of me right now but, it's a paint and primer all in one.
    Someone in another forum suggested using a Rust-o-leum primer but I don't think that is formulated for aluminum either.
    Any suggestions or solutions will be apreciated.

    Rich Kelly

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    Default Re: Can I paint Aluminum windows ?

    check this thread regarding painting aluminum...........
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    Default Re: Can I paint Aluminum windows ?

    Give the aluminum a light sanding to give it the necessary "teeth" for the paint to stick to, clean it thorougly, prime it with a good quality latex primer(Bin 123) and then paint it. We did this to our house 6 years ago and none of the paint has come off the aluminum storms or frames.

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    Default Re: Can I paint Aluminum windows ?

    My experience is the same as CaptTBC - I use steel wool rather than sandpaper to take off any stains on the aluminum and give it 'teeth'. Also, I only paint the storm frame - I find that the aluminum on the glass and screen inserts doesn't show much, and I'm afraid they won't slide smoothly if they're painted.

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