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    Default 1906 House with oak and maple flooring?

    My 1906 house has oak flooring on the main level and some maple on the upper level. I would like wood floors on the upper level and the existing maple are in horrible condition. I am wondering if I should replace them with oak to be consistent or maple as it was originally. Why would they have used two different types of flooring on the different levels?

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    Default Re: 1906 House with oak and maple flooring?

    In many vintage homes the main level public rooms .... dining , living ( parlor ) room had the more expensive flooring.......... It was a presentation of affluance.

    Meanwhile the private spaces ...... such as the second story bedrooms , etc. had lesser quality flooring as a cost saving.

    If the maple flooring is too far gone to refinish then the choice is yours as far as replacing.
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