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    Default venting stack problems in bathroom

    Just remodeled bath converting 2-1, and plumber capped off some pipes for old 2nd toilet, sink , shower. Following remodel, the new dual flush toilet wouldn't flush. Plumber tried snaking line first. When water still wouldn't drain, he blew air into line thinking it was a vent issue. Debris backed up in tub and sink line, but seemed to solve the problem. It now will flush tissue. However, first use of jacuzzi tub resulted in water spraying up in toilet when the tub pump was turned on. Could this also be a vent issue. I think the plumber has the tub, sink and toilet all on the same 1 1/2" vent stack, and he inadvertently capped off the 4 inch vent going through the roof. Is one vent adequate for all 3 drains, and could water be flowing from jacuzzi into toilet for another reason? Please advise. Thank you
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