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    Default Builtin storage ideas for basement

    I'm currently finishing my basement to close off utilities/pipes for aesthetic purposes rather than trying to make it a livable space. I wind up with nooks and crannies as I build around the pipes so I'm looking for nifty storage ideas that I can build into it without wasting so much space. For example, I created a built in mini bookshelf to take advantage of a 1 ft hollow space. Rather than creating a bunch of these throughout the space I wonder if anyone else has any nifty ideas I could build into spaces elsewhere rather than a bunch of odd shaped bookcases/shelves.
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    Default Re: Builtin storage ideas for basement

    Ikea and other outlets have selected storage ideas, you may want to visit them. Otherwise, be creative and make your own shelves.

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    Default Re: Builtin storage ideas for basement

    It's easier to design storage if you have an idea of the kind of stuff you would use it for. For example, vertical storage for fishing poles, shovels; deep shelves for paint, cleaners; shallow shelves for pantry goods; hooks for out-of-season coats.

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