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    Default Driveway over Clay Soil

    I have a 16' x 19' parking pad that has been excavated to 6" below grade. The soil is clay - pure red clay. I want to lay down gravel and pavers (may do cobblestone if I can get them cheap enough, otherwise it will be concrete pavers).

    Do I need to excavate more to get enough gravel down? Small car is the only thing that will park on it.

    Can I do anything else that would not require me to excavate more? I was thinking about using grout instead of sand. Adding plastic and landscape fabric. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Driveway over Clay Soil

    If you're going to go to the effort, time, and expense of installing a driveway, make sure it can support larger vehicles too, such as delivery and moving vehicles. While you have a small car, you may not always have a small car, and what about relatives and friends vehicles?

    Other than that, I cannot tell you how to deal with your local soil issues.
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    Default Re: Driveway over Clay Soil

    I have to agree with Sprucey ......... can't say too much about your local soil conditions.
    Also this depends on your region ..... do you have very cold winters ?

    One thing ...... DO NOT use plastic under the base .... use a geotextile or landscape cloth. The plastic will hold water instead of letting it drain through creating problems....... and if you have cold freezing temperatures will create sever heaving.

    here's a previous thread regarding similar steps ........
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