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    Default Broken Replacement Window Locks

    I have Brand X replacement windows in the house I bought. There are no identifying marks on these windows. No manufaturer's name, model number, etc. There is a decal that says "Made in America."

    The locks break off in your hand when you attempt to lock. Making matters worse is the fact that the locks are rivetted to the window rather than screwed.

    Im not sure how to replace them or where to buy the replacemnt locks.
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    Default Re: Broken Replacement Window Locks

    While I don't disagree with my compadre, there will also be no loss if you remove one of the broken locks and take it with you to a glass shop or two, or even companies that specialize in replacement windows, either of which should be able to identify the lock or match up something new.

    To remove rivets, use a drill and drill bit to cut off the top of the rivet, a good rule of thumb for the drill bit size is to go slightly smaller than the diameter of the rivet head. Use care, you don't want to slip or go too deep and break the glass or the seal between the panes.
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