I've recently bought my first house and I have discovered I have some drainage issues with the back yard. I need the backyard to be fairly dry for a rather specialized hobby of mine, and I preferably need to address it by spring. I have three large trees (1 willow 2 maples) which are sickly so will be coming down in a week or so. I'm hoping this helps some. I also plan to add some soil to the yard in spots up near the house so the dogs don't get so muddy. Now for my water issue near the back of the yard. I think I understand the concept of installing drainage ditches(or french drains) and drywells. Pick the section of yard I want to drain and run the ditch or french drain to a different spot. My problem here is the yard is fairly flat sooo... do I now have to create a slope for this to work? Also instead of a drywell, is it feasible to just deepen an already flooding section of the yard and basically turn it into a pond (no chemicals are used on the lawn, but there are dogs)? Thanks for any help anyone can give me with this problem.

Erika, Newark("new-ark", not "nork")DE