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    Question New at this need to replace my countertop

    Hi everyone,i need to replace my counter top its very old and red,so looks like an kitchen from the 60's not much counter space but i still have never done this.Anyone out there got any ideals? I want to just go to a newer looking counter-top,DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE just more modern,thank you very much for any help yous can offer.

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    Default Re: New at this need to replace my countertop

    The old counter may be glued, screwed, or nailed in place, only way to find out is to look for fasteners from the under side. If fasteners were used, remove them and use a flat bar to gently lift/separate the counter from the cabinet. This method also works with glue, but you have to be careful and go slow or you can damage the cabinets.

    New tops are available at any home center and are pretty straight forward to install, basically set them in place, scribe the backsplash to the wall and either glue or screw from the underside to attach. Corner pieces are a little more difficult, but not much.
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