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    Default Window air conditioner storage

    I have 2 window air conditioners and I will be putting them in the garage for storage. How do I stop mold from growing in the units. When I bought the house they left 2 a/c and they were full of mold, so I bought 2 new ones and I don't what this to happen. Any help would be great Thanks

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    Default Re: Window air conditioner storage

    I'm sure they sell something that will keep the mold from growing, maybe diluted bleach in a spray bottle will do the trick and , make sure that all the water is emptied from the unit before storing it foe the winter. Good Luck!!!

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    Default Re: Window air conditioner storage

    Consult the Manufacturer's Instructions and Recommendations in your owner's manuals. Clean as per instructions and allow to dry and drain completely before repacking in the clean and dry original packing materials for seasonal storage. Do not store the appliances in unconditioned spaces subject to great fluctuations in temperature/humidity and in no case where subjected to freezing temperatures or those in excess of 120 degrees F.
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