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    Question stopping/trimming laminate flooring at raised/stepdown

    Am considering installing laminate flooring (on slab floor), but have hit a stump. The area is the same level as the original house slab, that transitions into a step down area (approx 6 in.)with carpet. The raised area starts at a wall and runs strait for 8-9 ft then curves 90 degrees back to another wall. Stump is how and where do I trim the laminate where it meets this step-down. If it were straight, could do, but curved portion is throwing me a "curve".

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    Default Re: stopping/trimming laminate flooring at raised/stepdown

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    there are kits you can buy in teh flooring section which have several different trim pieces matching different colors of laminate. they create nosings, and transitions from floor height to floor height, normally this is all thats needed
    While this is true, not many of them bend relatively sharp radii, which if I'm reading the OP correctly is the problem. Also, being a step, it would concern me that any bent molding could hold up to the abuse that a stair nosing takes.

    A thought that comes to mind is to have a custom woodworking shop OR a stair company make a custom molding for the step. If you're going to go to the expense and effort of having a custom molding made, I'd consider having two or more pieces made so that if/when one breaks you've got a back up. A stair company could also give you advice as to the better method of doing the nosing for maximum strength and durability. Just a thought.
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