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    Default Retaining wall help

    I'd like to build a retaining wall along the back of my property. There's a steep slope that's impossible to mow and is making it very hard to fence in properly. I'd like a natural stone look without breaking the bank. I've seen some companys that offer molds where you can make your own concrete 'rocks' and have also heard of people going to rock quarries and getting their own stone. Does anyone know which would be the most cost effective? Has anyone used these molds before and knows how hard it is to make the 'stones' with them. The area is about 500 feet long so I want to use as big a stones as possible.

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    Default Re: Retaining wall help

    I've got a walk way "stone" form that might work, but you'd have to have a masonry retaining wall to begin with to graft the "stones" to.

    The cheapest retaining wall will probably be used railroad ties, but the problem with those is that they're toxic waste, so they're not something you really want around.
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    Jeeze Heather, that's some wall ! 500ft X what 4 to 5 ft = 2000 to 2500 sq ft. I would not like to tackle making the stones but would opt for getting stones second hand from somewhere ? As it is a slope, makes it easier to lay but don't forget the drainage joints. Good luck in your venture.

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    Default Re: Retaining wall help

    My husband and I replaced an old rr tie wall in a spot where we had a drop of almost 5 feet with concrete block ('allen blocks') after a lot of research and gnashing of teeth over the cost. Each block weighs about 75 pounds and locks into the previous and next courses. It was a lot of work that took almost a whole summer to finish. It was well worth the time, trouble, work, and expense as the wall now is done, doesn't move, looks great and is totally maintenance free, and the neighbors love it. Of course, if the mowing is your real concern, plant ivy instead! Good luck.

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