I'm getting deeper into a project extending a loft. what I assumed is true once I started to remove drywall, is that the portion of the house where I want to extend the loft (and make a full second floor) is balloon framed. I am looking for a fairly stiff second floor, so I am going with NI-40x wood I-joists. My question is connecting them to the walls (I was originally going to use an LVL ledger, by was concerned about the lag bolts in 2x lumber. I actually will be using ledgerloks, as they have a higher design strength).

Anyway... In the attached picture, I propose to install 2x8 ledger, with 2 bolts at each stud. My main question is, basically a code allowance - can I place the beams on the ledger, use filler blocking at the web, and attach the joist to the adjacent stud? I am not too worried about loading. My other concern is what type of connector to use to connect the web to the stud - 3 lags (ledgerloks) or 5-6 16d mails?

I noticed that my fire blocking should probably go above the joist, not under.

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Thanks for the input.