My 1951 house sits on a crawl space with a block foundation wall. The floor joists sit in spaces or pockets along the top of the foundation wall. They rest right on the block in the pockets, not on a sill plate. Very old water damage caused the ends of many joists to rot, leaving sections of the floor very bouncy. Sistering is a typical fix, but in this case the pockets are only big enough to fit a single floor joist (a 2" x
8"). I can envision all sorts of options: 1) widen pocket to accept second, sister joist, 2) cut off rotted ends and splice with good wood using metal, or wood plates, 3) fabricate a "U" shaped shoe or boot metal (about 18" long) that would slide over joist in to wall pocket, then secured with bolts, 4) a pier system built away from wall to support joists, etc. There are several options. I'm not sure if any these fixes would even meet code requirements. Anyone out there faced this same problem? Did you find a good, code-meeting solution? I've been in the house since 1983, with no immediate plans to sell it. However, at some pooint I'll have to fix this for sale. I want to do this before I get to old to do it myself! Thanks! - jmagee23