The apartment building was built in 1954- 8 units, 2 floors in Santa Monica, CA.

I had a tenant that lived there for 30 years; she moved on and I hired a local painter. The paint is peeling in different spots. The paint cracks and then not only the top coat comes off, but the putty knife takes off everything under until we reach a green solid type wall; not sheet rock. <-- this is in the bedroom.

In the living room this is also happening but the texture of the ceiling and walls is grey and cold to the touch.

Every time I find a crack and patch it then new bubbles appear.

I've used crack stop, shallack primers.

I hired a family painter to deal with the problem, he does a great job and is patient to get it done right, but I want to know why this is happening.

Is it possible that its been too hot and the walls are perspiring?