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    Default Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

    Help! My son just purchased a 1980's townhome. The living room has two 3ft floor to ceiling mirrors, approx. 4 ft. apart. After reading the damage that can be done to the drywall from removing the mirrors, we would like to disguise or work with the ugly, plain mirrors. Does anyone have any decorating/design ideas?

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    Default Re: Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

    I think you're probably better off risking the damage to the walls. Nothing dates a home like those giant mirrors, and if you are willing to check out some do-it-yourself videos (such as those on this site) you should be able to successfully patch your own holes. The HGTV show "Designed to Sell" has shown how to remove these mirrors as safely as possible. Check it out! (If I'm allowed to mention a different 'site...) Good Luck

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    Default Re: Floor to Ceiling Mirrors

    Two built-in curio cabinets/media cabinets/bar cabinets or something on that line. Start with a frame with some adjustable shelving but you will need several of the shelves fixed for frame stability. Add Doors, For example glass doors on the top and solid doors on the bottom, glass doors on bottom and top interupted by drop down desk/bar shelf or drawers, etc. Trim to the walls on either side, trim to the ceiling such as crown moulding.

    Add under the shelf cabinet lighting and light bar moulding if you like.

    The 4-foot space between might make for a built-in entertainment center, a desk, a narrow buffet, shelf, bench seat, whatever.

    Built-ins are very popular. Not sure which room, hall, foyer the wall mirrors are in.

    If the mirrors are smoked get rid of them no way to update the look will still be dated.

    You can use hobby glass paint or etching liquid to further enhance the mirrors.
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