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    Default Best way to Vent Attic

    We recently purchased an 1890 home that is a full two story with a brand new shingles, the previous owner had to reshingle the house in order to pass appraisal but the roofer did not add any ventilation.

    There are two windows in the attic, one is boarded over and the other is a glass one, on opposite ends of the gable of the roof. I looked at the eaves and it does not look very promising to put soffit vents on the home and roof vents near the peak. The soffits are parallel to the roof rafter beams and not your more modern style in a triangular shape.

    Would it be possible to just replace both windows with gable vents the same size and see how well the attic fairs this winter using the through attic ventilation or should I go ahead and install some other sort of ventilation.

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    Howdy, congratulations on your new home. You can install gable vents into the window openings to allow air in and cross ventilation. One can install rdge vet to allow heat out at the peak of the roof. A contractor would remove some of the ridge and cut some of the roof decking( wood) back aprox 1" on each side of the peak and install a continuous ridge vent. Or can cut into the roof near the ridge an install foot square roof vents re shingle around them.
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    Default Re: Best way to Vent Attic

    You do not want to put in a ridge vent without having soffit vents. Any air leaving the ridge has to be made up by air coming into the attic. This will be air drawn in from the house. Heated air that is.

    What will make your house perform much better is if you turn your attic into an unvented attic by spray foaming the underside of the roof. You have a lot of heat escaping into the attic. Spray foam will turn the attic into semi conditioned space. As a spray foam contractor I have greatly increased the energy efficiency of many houses by doing this.

    Ventilation is greatly over rated. It generally does not do what it is purported to do.

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