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    Question Re-painting old heat registers

    I am in the process of refurbishing my 100+ year old farmhouse. This house has old steam heat registers. Some are still in good condition; but a few need to be repainted with some metallic type of paint. I am not sure what type of paint would be safe to use on them though? Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Default Re: Re-painting old heat registers

    I don't know if you have painted you rads yet but....

    The best place to start is to sandblast the rads clean. This is a pretty big undertaking b/c you have to move the rads and send them off to a place that does this... This gives you the best surface to work with completely clean.

    If you don't want to send them off for stand blasting makes sure you remove all loose old paint with some sand paper other wise the new paint will fail over time. Clean the rads so they are ready for priming...

    I would NOT use a latex based paint!!!! They make paint that comes in a high-temperature enamel. So people say you don't need it but it's best to use it because I wouldn't want to take the chance and have burning paint smell! They make primers as well that are high heat

    Spray paint works the best b/c it allows you to get in the nooks.

    It best if you can get the rads outside... Don't paint over the all important steam vents!!!

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